Tongues & Teeth / by Erik Marika-Rich

Logically irrational as video calibrates reality in pursuit of nothing.
Synapses arcing electric massage chair deposited in deep snow-banks.
Westward leftwise clockways message lair.
Study nonsense incredulously ridiculous in backwards starways.
Leastways lasting less lamps computing digits all concrete and concentrated minute nurse eats sensual pulp toothpicks.

Nose again wine games, sticky cereal sprays lovingly.
Strange conveyor meaning lost in capitalist cargo planes, castor oil puddles.
Sports are pixilated under bear flags, catch this sentence as tongues lick paper, everything changes.
Teeth don’t signify maturity, gums chew trees light-circle-light-cone clicking.
Refrigerator grows restless, glass musics pierce young girl-lobes, it is all Hal’s fault.
Memory cards do not remember originality, seeing tells nothing after innovation, monitor hallways seeing no truths feeling no-thing what re-presents gifted intellectual texts.