Read, Feed / by Erik Marika-Rich

I see her fall away you are here. You and I are storytellers. Me, we convey the things that must be, but if the us will fall away, I remain to continue the work and make everything ok. I, the important one, who is expected, relied on, comforting letter holding it together. And what if I become lost what is it.

Letter line sentence wrapping around and around to create meaning without the means. But the means are there though unexpected hidden in curves and lines. Deep within paper is meaning unpolluted. Read, feed on every choice. Without expected letters, take what is there. Imposition fails to gelatinize. Fall swept up enchanted. Look look look stop looking. Universal poetic uncompromising word choice. Mistakes are the most intensional. Read, feed on every creation. Grammatical tactics syntactical practice fuck the narration that drags. Exploration seen.
              word   not
              letters do                                                                   
                                                direction         follow

Read, feed on every destruction.