/////////s/////////t/////////r/////////u///// ////g/////////g/////////l/////////e///////// / by Erik Marika-Rich

The non-existence of true (non)absorption
Only degrees of the (in)voluntary
The absolute is tainted by (knowledge) (participation)
That is an interesting edit
That is a revealing sentence
You deconstruct the construction (of destruction)

You (notice) (accept) the        and departures become clear

That is an interesting spacing cholce
                                                          T         here
                                                            is                                        y
                                                                       t                                p
You fight (me)(you)
You (lose)(win) by fighting
Attempts to escape the grey fail by nature
Grey matter forbids the black and white to be so
Your (un)comfortable with the (lack of) choice
Your participation reveals your conflict

The art is in