"Skin Flick"

A silent experiment in the abstraction of the human form.


This experiment focuses on a changing landscape, and plays with rhythmic editing in order to create a score directly from the footage. Originally an installation, this piece was projected through a large window in order to be visible from the outside of a building.


Based on a poem, this video uses text, analog video, appropriated footage & a score created from manipulated recitation in an attempt to express the feeling of the dream that inspired the original work. It was edited entirely on an analog editing system using VHS tapes.


An experiment in abstraction with a focus on lines and movement.


This video triptych was originally designed to play simultaneously on three monitors and focuses on the buddhist concept of moksa (the release of the soul from the life-death cycle). The score was created entirely from in-camera audio and manipulations of the word "moksa".


A performance video using analog security cameras, and monitors.


An experiment in graphic abstraction using only footage of light sources.


A 16mm film portrait of my first dog. Edited on Steenbeck.